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Who’s the actual Champion, Android or IOS?

Digital fight continues as titans Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS compete for that ever-growing users of tablets and smartphones worldwide. Android and iOS would be the os’s mainly utilized in mobile technology.

Until today, both of these giants keep a duopoly with 99% in sales of smartphones. Android is constantly on the dominate the marketplace by having an unparalleled 69.3 this year to 86.2% in 2016. Not surprisingly, iOS will get the 2nd place from16.6% this year to 12.9% in 2016.

Is share of the market symbolic of recognition? Let us consider the figures. Android supports the top place in platform share of the market but when it comes to smartphone market performance per device, iPhone 7 wins because it offered 21.5 million units, recording 6% in share of the market throughout the first quarter this season.

Now, if you’re buying the first-ever smartphone or tablet, which are you going to choose? Let these inside tips from independent reviews show you in selecting which phone best meets your requirements. Are you currently looking for a personal phone cum mobile office? Both Android and iOS platforms lure you using their improvements.

1. Software

Android is easily the most generally used smartphone platform phone manufacturers. It’s used across multiple hardware. Android is partially free and simply customized. Its PC-like features tend to be more customizable. However, Android continues to be reported to possess greater possibility of adware and spyware. Its interface isn’t the same on all phones.

Since different companies manufacture Android devices, think about the logo and model before choosing.

Apple includes a closed, controlled control of the iOS and platform that can result in more stability and security. Its walled-garden ecosystem leads to limited personalization and fewer choices for their users. Not surprisingly, Apple establishes the applications and processes to grow or build. It concentrates on consumer experience and usefulness across all of their devices.

2. Support and Integration

The different makers of Android phones decide once the iOS is released for his or her phones. This leads to waiting here we are at updates.

Apple provides support because of its older phones. For instance, it addresses quick fixes iPhone.

3. Camera features

With a better camera, Android or iPhone? This is perfect for individuals using their smartphones as camera. This can be a tricky question. Different Android phones have better camera, greater-resolution screens it’s not present in iPhone. However, Apple offers simplicity and quality in this region.

4. Gaming

What’s best like a gaming system, Android or iOS? Both Android and iOS offer healthy choices. Experts give these facts to consider: processor, display, space for storage, battery existence, loudspeakers and applications.

5. Security

The bottom line is, both Android and iOS offer security measures. Both use data file encryption, application-specific Virtual private network and a few types of direct boot mode. Experts say both of them are susceptible to adware and spyware attacks. However, iOS tight on quantity of adware and spyware attacks than Android.

They are top 5 features to think about in purchasing smartly your mobile phone. The choices presented are wide-ranged. Your requirements are personal but varied too. Make your mind up smart. And become the actual champion.