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Tips for New Grandparents

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Are you about to become a grandparent and welcoming your first grandchild to your home? This is an exciting time for parents and grandparents alike. No doubt the new parents are both excited and exhausted. When welcoming a grandchild into your home, there are several steps to take to prepare for a smooth visit. Follow these recommendations from the pediatric specialists to ensure your first visit with your new grandchild and their parents is a huge success.

Whether you’re the parent of the mother or father of the baby, it’s so important to let the new parents take the lead in determining how their infant will be cared for. This is no time to correct or undermine the parenting skills of new parents. Offer advice only when asked.  Your role as grandparents is to enjoy the new baby and ease the pressure from the new parents.

Communicate on what baby items you’ll provide in your home and which items the new parents will bring with them. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and snag a Dove coupon for gentle soaps designed specifically for newborns. Designate a space in your home for a changing table and crib. If you have a spare bedroom, this is ideal. Young infants can sleep in the same room as their parents if you’re tight on space.

Plan to take care of basic household chores to allow the young parents to rest and enjoy their time with the new baby.  This is an exciting time but can also be a stressful time. Be a source of calm for the new family. Share our experiences with your newborn as best as you can recall. This will no doubt provide entertainment for everyone.

Volunteer to take the baby for a stroll in the carriage, arrange for bath time or any other caretaking responsibilities you can unload from the new parents. Always seek their direction and follow according to their wishes. This will ensure they return time and again for your comfort and help.

Finally, plan to take plenty of photos of both the new baby and the young family together. These will be cherished for years to come. Enjoy every precious moment with your new grandchild!

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