Blizzard present new raid location  

Everyone loves raids. So much epic, challenge your skills and hell of a lot of pleasure! Especially since we are talking about the raid on Azshara. Once, she was the best of the elven kind, a great ruler, and the protector of the weak. Now she is the Darkness in the flesh, but she remains the greatest magician of all. Killing her will bring a lot of fun and epic equipment it seems!

What are raids on normal difficulty.

It’s simple, you are going to a gang of 20-25 thugs and go for the Azshara’s head. Then collect epic loot dropped out from she and just take off. It sounds very simple! The normal difficulty is the easiest and was conceived as a training one, but you will fail it more than once or twice, especially if you are going for the first time. And ofcourse, we must not forget that at least half of your teammates have hands growing out of assholes, so you will not receive healing from healer or a taut from the tank in time, which is very conducive to losing.

What item drop from Azshara on normal difficulty?

As mentioned above, the normal difficulty is the easiest, it means that you will not get a high reward. You will receive level 415+ items. You can also play without much effort and enjoy the plot.

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How to get such a boost?

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Which service is better to choose?

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